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Long Island Cornhole
ACL Event Registration Info

Before registering for an ACL event, you must create an ACL profile (click Join ACL button above).  There are different levels of registration free and paid, the paid registrations give you a discount when you register for ACL events.  If you are on Long Island please be sure to select Greg Cocheo as your Regional director.

When you click any of the registration links below, you will be directed to the ACL events page where you will be prompted to sign in with you ACL email/password.  If you have been on the ACL app already, it may already have you email/password remembered... Once at the ACL events registration page, you should see some more details about the event, click the RED Online Registration button to register for the event.  For Regional events there may be multiple events within the online registration link (Singles, Doubles, Advanced, Competitive etc) 

For now, all LOCAL events will be paid at the door and not in the ACL Wallet.
So you will see a 0 dollar registration for that event...

All REGIONAL will be paid for by the ACL digital wallet, unless we specify otherwise in the event details.  Prices will be listed next to the individual events.